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October 8, 2018

So many people have come to me with that question.  Or, quite possibly, it is that so many have wanted to know, but feel silly asking.  I'm going to shed some light on what this whole world of espresso is about.  And the best part is, that I'm only going to scratch the surface - leaving plenty of room for more conversation!  This industry is a melting pot of different cultures, opinions, techniques and forms, and it's getting more and more exciting. Whew!...

August 25, 2018

My first blog post.  Ever.  

Welcome.  I'm new to this game so feel free to toss me ideas, criticisms, likes and opinions.

My name is Kayleigh.  I am owner, manager and team member at Dixon Coffee Company.  I have an intense passion for people. Yea, coffee is a close #2, BUT...  I LOVE people.  I truly feel like my life's purpose is to have, create and nurture these relationships.  There are so many times when I fall short, but my heart is full when I ca...

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